Auberge SAHARA is established by the brothers of BOURCHOK a few meters away from the sand dunes of the "ERG CHEBBI' in the famous oasis by the filming of many international movies like : the secrets of the Sahara, Marrakech Express, the operation condor, Lion of the desert,... in this oasis, the highest Palm trees in the area and the beautiful sand dunes that give a beautiful view especially exceptional from the terrace of the hostel where you can see the sunrise and the sunset and where we can also sleep under the open sky completely stars...


"Local oral legend indicates that the construction of the largest erg of the Morocco» erg Chebbi» was punishment of a God for a few rich families who refused to give shelter to a poor woman and her son during a local festival. They were buried in the sand of the storms that formed of large dunes this measures approximately 160 m tall.
The sand is good for patients with rheumatism, they bury themselves in the hot sand in the summer for a few minutes.



palmsThe largest Palms in the region
The symbols of our hotel are undoubtedly the tall palm trees and orange sand. All this is situated close to our hotel. We encourage you to enjoy magnificent sunrises and sunsets in the dunes of Erg Chebbi, close to the village of Merzouga. Please join us for a camel ride in the dunes, a camping trip and take advantage of our night musical activities. There, you will discover true Amazigh of Sahara traditions.

desert-erg-chebbiWhere / Why the Sahara desert?
The Sahara is old 2,5 million years. It is located in Northern Africa and remains the largest desert and the hottest in the world. Sahara mean in Arabic, “desert”. Therefore, When we say “the Sahara desert”, We say twice the same thing, but in two different languages. The borders of the Sahara are, West, the Atlantic ocean; East, Red Sea-Egypt; to the North, the Atlas mountains, the Mediterranean Sea and the North of the Sudan; South, the Valley of the Niger.

The dunes of Erg Chebbi, Merzouga

The dunes of Erg Chebbi, also known as the dunes of Merzouga, are the face of the Sahara and a trip to the Morocco cannot be complete without a visit to these dunes. The sand orange and its therapeutic benefits make it a perfect place for an unforgettable ride camels through the dunes, to familiarize yourself with the nomads, Moroccan culture, Saharan regional customs, the music but also the Moroccan cuisine.

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  • How to reach

    For arriving in our inn , please leave Rissani for about 32 km towards Merzouga . 4 Km before the village you will find the sign of the auberge SAHARA.
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    Home, service, cleanliness are !! If you are looking for a quiet place to enjoy your stay a Merzouga, do not hesitate ! Auberge Sahara is a little corner of paradise lost in the middle of the dunes..
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    "Beautiful" lavillathena, France

    Say more!!! The hotel is super friendly, the great direigeante team.... We can say that the hotel has a soul.... The boss all as sympaths, your care team, the sensational panorama, I can even say the best exhibition at the foot of the dunes! Here it feels like home....
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    "paradise starts here!!"chwan Marseille, France

    Exceptional site at the edge of the dunes, a not to do and you go ride in the dunes. Very clean, tasty local cuisine, much more quiet and relaxing than institutions of Merzouga. We offer tours in 4 x 4 or camel but not insistent solicitation....
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    "Extra on the line" Real44 Quebec City, Canada

    It is a beautiful typical Inn, in the dunes very tidy and quiet.... Tariffs are interesting, They include the 1/2 pension (dishes) and access to the swimming pool. But mostly the home is excellent! N'en garde un très bon souvenir!
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    “Charmant et accueillant” Pouilloux

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    Ksar Hassi Labiad, Hassilabied, Merzouga, Morocco
    Tél /fax : +212.535.57.70.39
    GSM : +212.666.76.63.55 / +212.662.19.12.55
    Position GPS : N: 31.08.100 W:04.01.122